Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week #1 : Applebee's

I wanted to start each day of recipes off with the original nutritional information for each dish. Upon researching (or attempting to) the nutritional information for Applebee's, I was forced to contact their corporate office for their stats. This was their response:

"Thank you for contacting us regarding nutritional information. Like several other full service, sit-down restaurants, we do not make nutritional information available on a broad basis. Unlike fast-food restaurants that commonly provide this information, a greater percentage of our foods are hand-crafted, prepared on premise which can lead to variation.

We do value our guest's feedback and are reviewing opportunities of how we can make this information more broadly available. I will share your feedback with our Research and Development team.

Really? So your saying that the Weight Watcher items that you are offer do not fall under "hand-crafted" foods? Are they flown in directly from your corporate office where each meal is properly weighed and calculated? You can't just give us a ballpark number?

We should all be able to know what is going into our bodies. Hiding this information, probably due to unsightly caloric statistics, is ludicrous.

Instead of posting the actual nutritional information for each Applebee's Dish, I will give you the stats I came up with based on the recipes used in the Top Secrets Recipes

So screw you Applebee's, I'm making your "hand-crafted" menu at home.

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