Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Weight has always been an issue. I remember going school clothes shopping with my mother at the age of 8 and crying because I couldn't fit into little girl clothes anymore. I just wanted to be normal. This is the day I started dieting. And after being diagnosed with Insulin Resistance a few years ago, losing weight wasn't just about vanity anymore. It was about my health. My future. Now 16 years after starting my "diet", I finally figured out how to eat what I want, recreate those "forbidden" foods, and enjoy feeling healthy.

I'm always looking for ways to express, share, connect, and learn. Being that I find a great joy in creating new recipes, experimenting with different food substitutions, and constantly learning about new ways to eat and live nutritiously, I figured writing it all down and sharing it with others would be perfect. Though I still struggle with my weight and tend to still be on a weight loss/gain roller coaster, I have much more control of that rollercoaster than I used to. With this blog I hope to show that you can cook the foods you crave, that the numbers on the scale shouldn't determine your worth, and that vodka on the rocks can be a good thing.

Before Pics:

Now Pics:


  1. Hi Ashley. That Pizza is the first recipe on my list! Gotta try that one. Thanks.

  2. Hey Ash, Aunt Stephanie here. I am looking forward to trying your recipes. I started back at the gym today. So your healthy food will go nicely with the new bod I'm looking for. Keep me posted. If I come up with anyway to make my enchiladas or fried chicken healthy I will let you know. Oh yes one more thing, viva the vodka!

  3. I have a pretty good enchilada recipe that I make with soy meat instead of ground beef. Sooo good. I'll post it next week!

  4. I just saw this part of your post... amazing how far you've come!