Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Plan

While I was on my mini hiatus, I started to think. Probably too much. When your boyfriend leaves for a month, you have a limited amount of good friends, and have 2 rambunctious puppies that need several long walks a day to avoid them eating a third (yup, third) $80 Mac Power chord...you start to think. This lead to my conclusion that I need to stop thinking, and actually start doing.

So I came up with something that not only will challenge me and my healthy transformation cooking skills, but it will also give me something to focus on. A goal perhaps. Something that will keep my mind off my shitty job that tends to submerge me into the deep waters of depression. Something that will keep me from freaking out that I am almost 25 and have absolutely no idea as to what the hell I am doing with my life. And possibly something that will break my month long habit of restaurant, fast food, and take out meals.

Recreate all 150 recipes in the very popular cookbook "Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 2
: Amazing Clones of Famous Dishes From America's Favorite Restaurant Chains" by Todd Wilbur into lower calorie, healthy, yet still tasty and filling dishes.

Whether it be switching out high-calorie ingredients for lower ones or re-portioning the size of dishes to the actual serving sizes that we should be eating, my goal is to create the foods I crave without sacrificing my waistline.

Finish Goal Date:
Dec 31th, 09.
(yes, my therapist approved. barely.)

Wish me luck, because honestly, I have no idea what I just committed myself to.

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