Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap Part 2

In between our appetizers and main course, we had lots of this:

I cook better when under the influence of alcohol. I actually do most things better this way:)

Dinner was pretty traditional, and included ham (I glazed it with brown sugar, butter and molasses), spicy sausage stuffing, potato at gratin, yams

and....bacon jalapeno mac 'n cheese:

And don't worry, the pups got their own special Thanksgiving dinner as well.

Which was devoured quicker than you can imagine.

Dessert followed. Pumpkin pie (taken from the Hungry Girl recipe), Lemon Glazed Cheesecake, and Fruity Pebble Treats (yes, ya heard right).

Which we hated, obviously.

Sleep was to be had. Overall, Thanksgiving was a success.


  1. omg you are killing me with that pup bowl right now.


  2. It was absolutely delicious believe me.