Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Organic Treats

"Great tasting products that happen to be organic".

I recently received a package from Newman's Own Organics. I happened to receive it the day of my birthday, which I like to believe was not a coincidence.

I immediately opened and tried almost every single product I was sent. Partly because my stomach was starting to eat itself because I had not eaten yet that day, and partly because I was so excited to get something for free.

I have to admit that many times I am skeptical about organic snacks. Don't get me wrong, I believe that eating organic snacks like Newman's Organic can be much healthier than eating processed snacks...BUT this does not mean that you should start eating these snacks in excess. There is a misconception out there that just because you switch to an all organic diet, that you are suddenly eating healthy. Healthier, maybe. But not necessarily healthy.
Organic does not equal less calories or even less sugar. In the end, excess calories and sugar make you overweight and unhealthy. Therefore, moderation is ALWAYS key.

My rant is over, and my praise begins.

I was actually quite impressed by most of these products. Flavorful and somewhat addicting. But in the end, this is what won my heart: Mint Cream Filled Chocolate Cookies

On top of that, Sally from Newman's Own Organics knew how much Coda and Astral love organic dog food (which I am a huge promoter of), so she sent them some treats as well. Their first taste went something like this:

Ohhh what's that? Can we get some?


Shh...I'm going in...


  1. So why did you get this free package?

  2. because Newman's Organics wanted someone with a great palate to test out their food :)