Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Love You Starbucks, But.....

My morning routine:
Obnoxious alarm goes off.
"Ugh. I need coffee."
1 minute later. "Push snooze. Now!"
9 minutes later. "If you don't do your hair today, you can sleep longer."
Pushing snooze again.
10 minutes later. "If you don't make coffee, you can sleep in 5 more minutes."
1 second later. "Now thats just silly. I need coffee."
Stumble downstairs with my matted hair to make coffee.

Save your calories and $ with this Starbucks "Tall Vanilla Latte" recreation:

8oz coffee
8oz Unsweetened Almond Breeze
2 tbsp sugar free vanilla syrup
2 Splenda packets

Original Starbucks' Latte Drinks:
Tall Vanilla Latte w/ 2% milk: 190 calories
Tall Vanilla Latte w/ Soy Milk: 180 calories
Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte: 90 calories

My version: 42 calories
Not familiar with Almond Breeze? I suggest looking at your local Trader Joes or Whole Foods for it. A dairy-free, low calorie alternative to cow and soy milk. Deliciousness.

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